Rutherford Health plc offers a comprehensive range of services using the latest technology and treatments:

Rutherford Cancer Centres

The Rutherford Cancer Centres are at the forefront of transforming cancer care through technology, innovation and high-quality patient services all designed to help create a better future for cancer patients. With a commitment to excellence, the centres provide an all-encompassing cancer service, delivering high-quality imaging, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy and proton therapy. The Rutherford Cancer Centres feature the most advanced technologies and Rutherford Health plc has formed a partnership with IBA (Ion Beam Applications), the world’s leading provider of proton therapy solutions and Philips, a leader in health technology. As well as the Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales, Rutherford Health plc has opened two further centres – the Rutherford Cancer Centre North East in Northumberland and the Rutherford Cancer Centre Thames Valley in Reading, with proton therapy now available in both. A fourth site is under construction in Liverpool, the Rutherford Cancer Centre North West. All centres will offer proton therapy, which is available to medically-insured private patients and self-paying patients, as well as NHS patients should the Rutherford Cancer Centres be commissioned to provide proton therapy for them.

Rutherford Estates

Rutherford Estates is a world-leading developer of networked compact proton therapy centres. They have been responsible for creating and maintaining a network of award-winning state-of-the-art oncology centres in the UK known as the Rutherford Cancer Centres. Centres have been opened in Newport, Northumberland and Reading with a fourth centre in Liverpool currently under construction. A number of other UK locations are also being considered for future centres. Rutherford Estates has worked with many leading firms in the construction of the centres. The centres give UK patients access to high energy proton therapy, as well as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy, and also offer exceptional personalised patient care. The patient experience is paramount for Rutherford Estates and the design of the centres is a vital part of that.

Rutherford Innovations

Rutherford Innovations leads the research and development activities for Rutherford Health plc and its subsidiaries and looks for innovative technologies and research to improve outcomes for cancer patients. Rutherford Innovations develops partnerships and collaborations with researchers and clinicians with the aim to confirm proton therapy as an accepted and cost-effective way to treat cancer alongside surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy. Rutherford Innovations is also in discussion with a number of universities and researchers about providing access to proton beam time for research projects.

Rutherford Diagnostics

Rutherford Diagnostics will transform medical diagnostics through the provision of optimal, cost-effective diagnostic services and investment in new and developing technologies to realise a future where people will live well for longer. Rutherford Diagnostics is investing and facilitating, at scale, the progression of genomics (the recording of whole genome sequence data). Genomics will play an important part in ensuring a future where personalised medicine through genetic testing will predict disease, susceptibility and drug response. It will also fund, deliver and maintain state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment housed in modern and well-designed facilities, and will seek out and will be open to investing in commonly unattainable and novel diagnostic technologies that will benefit the nation’s health outcomes. By building partnerships with healthcare professionals and organisations and providing them with a much needed diagnostic capacity that utilises the most advanced equipment available, Rutherford Diagnostics aims to support their longer-term aspirations of delivering high-quality healthcare and outcomes to communities.